NodeJS documentation is idiotic

A while back I commented on a rant by someone who said that NodeJS is stupid and if you use it, so are you.
I didn’t agree.

But, NodeJS documentation is stupid. Look, for example, at the doc for the http.request() object and it’s syntactic sugar cousin, http.get(). Let’s suppose you want to do an http get from within a node program. So you look at the doc for http.get, which says: This is like http.request(), except it sets the method to GET and calls req.end() automatically.

I wonder what that callback parameter is? http.get() accepts a callback parameter. Obviously it’s a function, but WHEN Does it get called? The doc doesn’t say.

Hmm, not very much to go on! So now I have to read the entire entry on the http.request() function. The http.get() sugar doesn’t really offer much benefit if I have to read the doc for the lower-level method, now, does it? But guess what! The doc entry for http.request() ALSO does not define the semantics of the callback parameter. It’s just a callback.

I guess if I have to ask, then I don’t need to know.

One thought on “NodeJS documentation is idiotic

  1. Evan Plaice Reply

    I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say the callback should be in the form.

    function(err, response) {}

    Not because I’m super-smart but because the function(err, [data]) pattern is so common in Node that people don’t really need to document the details.

    I’d call that consistency FTW. A language-wide convention that everybody actually follows. I wonder if the Node core devs are going to start offering cat herding lessons next.

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