NoSQL is apparently NOT going to deliver World Peace

Peter Wayner at InfoWorld has articulated “Seven Hard Truths” about NoSQL technologies. Among them: It’s nice to have JOINs; NoSQL has none. It’s nice to have transactions After 30 years of development, it seems that SQL Databases have some solid features, like the query analyzer. NoSQL is like the Wild West; SQL is civilization Gee, […]

Hadoop Adoption

Interesting. Michael Stonebraker, who has previously expressed skepticism regarding the industry excitement around Hadoop, has done it again. Even at lower scale, it is extremely eco-unfriendly to waste power using an inefficient system like Hadoop. Inefficient, he says!   Pretty strong words.  Stonebraker credits Hadoop for democratizing large-scale parallel processing. But he predicts that Hadoop will […]

Big Data: Real benefits or Hype?

I’m a technologist. I believe technology, well utilized, can advance business goals. A business can derive a signficant advantage from making the right technology moves, exploiting information in just the right way. But I am a bit skeptical of the excitement in the industry around Big Data, MapReduce, and Hadoop. While Google obviously has derived […]