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I hate Node.js

Node.js is cool, so they say. Everybody’s doing it, so I hear. I hate it. Node.js has wasted so much of my time, I don’t think I will ever forgive it. But take that with a grain of salt. I don’t use Node.js for its intended purpose, which … Continue reading »

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The way Azure should have done it – A better Synonyms Service

This is a followup from my previous post, in which I critiqued the simple Synonyms Service available on the Azure Datamarket. To repeat, the existing URI structure for the service is like this: GET How would I do things differently? The hostname is just fine – there’s … Continue reading »

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Azure Synonyms Service – How NOT to do REST.

Recently, I looked on the Azure data market place (or whatever it’s called) to see what sort of data services are available there. I didn’t find anything super compelling. There were a few premium, for-fee services that sounded potentially interesting but nothing that I felt like spending money … Continue reading »

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