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Do you use curl? Stop using -u. Please use .netrc

An unsolicited tech tip. Those of you who are API people, should exhibit good API hygiene. One aspect of that is: “stop using curl -u” !! Sometimes you have the urge to run a command like this: curl -X POST -v -u 'yourusername:password' . https://foobar/slksls Avoid this. OK, … Continue reading »

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Mac OSX users: update openssl. Also: openssl built-in to Mac OSX is different than brew version

If you use openssl on Mac OSX to maintain certs, etc, you should keep it up-to-date. Worth knowing, courtesy of a comment by Gordon Davisson on THIS Stackoverflow question …the major problem isn’t the openssl command, it’s the openssl libraries (which are used by other programs) — those … Continue reading »

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The spec formerly known as Swagger is now OpenAPI

Swagger has been renamed! Three weeks ago. I didn’t realize this, and (forgive me) I’ve been continuing to use the term “swagger” when I really should have been using “OpenAPI”, in the time since. Helpfully, Marsh, an esteemed colleague of mine, has produced a slackbot to remind me … Continue reading »

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Chrysler is Internet-enabling your car as a way to accelerate death

From the holy-shit-how-did-they-not-test-this department, Fox News tells us that it is possible for hackers to seize control of a moving Chrysler automobile, fiddle with the radio, turning on the windshield wipers, or more ominously, controlling the transmission and the brakes. Considering the source (Fox Newsertainment), I am unsure … Continue reading »

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Sane names for screenshots on Mac OSX

Back when I was a Windows user and a .NET developer, I used a tool called Cropper to grab screen shots. That tool is great alone, and there are plugins for various photo destinations. I wrote and maintained a few plugins. The basic capability to grab a portion … Continue reading »

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Network-layer security firewalls operating will not be feasible at 100Gbps network speeds, eg in 3-5 years.

Really interesting talk by Alex Stamos, CSO of Yahoo during the AppSec conference. One takeaway: Network-layer security firewalls operating will not be feasible at 100Gbps network speeds, eg in 3-5 years. Lots of other observations and views that make a lot of sense to me. This guy gets … Continue reading »


Keyless Entry Systems are really Theft-assistance systems

Bright-eyed Toyota product planner: “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we could have the car open automatically, when the owner of the car walks up to it?” Naive Toyota Engineer: “Yeah! Let’s make a Passive Keyless Entry and Start (PKES) system. The car will call out to the … Continue reading »

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FiveThirtyEight just pre-negotiated Lionel Messi’s next contract

FiveThirtyEight shows the data that explains why Lionel Messi is worth more than any other player. Love me that breakdown.


Moving to – bare domain and www

I moved to this week, from It is much faster, and now I won’t get popup ads. While moving the site, I took the opportunity to upgrade to the current WordPress. I think I was on WP3.3 previously; now it’s on the current release. And now … Continue reading »


NodeJS vs Ruby on Rails popularity

Everybody’s favorite indicator, the Google search trend chart, shows that Nodejs is overtaking Ruby on Rails: From a recent webinar on