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APIs within the Enterprise – a Webinar

Recently I did a web chat with colleague Greg Brail discussing the use of APIs in the Enterprise. Quick summary: SOA has been used with success within enterprises to interconnect systems. APIs address a different set of problems, and there is real value to be gained by using … Continue reading »

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Preflight CORS check in PHP

I was reading up on CORS today; apparently my previous understanding of it was flawed. Found a worthwhile article by Remy. Also found a problem in the article in the same PHP code he offered. This was server-side code that was shown to illustrate how to handle a … Continue reading »

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Yes, it’s trite, but we really are at an Inflection Point

It may sound like a platitude, but…the industry is now in the midst of an inflection point. Behind us is the technology of client-server, with web goo glommed-on: UI rendered to fixed computers, implemented using HTML(5) and Javascript. Application logic built in Servlet/JSP, PHP, or ASPNET. Relational databases … Continue reading »

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MongoDB booster would prefer Cassandra, if only he could store JSON in it. Have I got a data store for you!

Interesting article at GigaOM interviewing MongoLab Founder and CEO Will Shulman. GigaOM reports: MongoLab operates under a thesis that MongoDB is pulling away as the world’s most-popular NoSQL database not because it scales the best — it does scale, Shulman said, but he’d actually choose Cassandra if he … Continue reading »

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Why is GIMP still so crappy?

Yes, it’s the question on everybody’s mind: Why does Gimp suck so bad? In the old days I used Windows almost exclusively. I had a nice Windows machine set up; it worked for me. I used cmd.exe and Powershell and WSH for scripting. I used Outlook and Word … Continue reading »

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Are DDoS attacks a novel threat to API servers? Nope.

Mark O’Neill, CTO at Vordel, published a post on programmableweb regarding DDoS attacks and the implications for APIs. For those who learned programming before Friends became a hot TV show, the term of art “application programming interface” referred to the function names and signatures that you’d link your … Continue reading »

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