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It’s that time of year… when people think about exchanging JWT for opaque tokens

Yes, it’s that time of year when people think about RFC7523, which describes how to exchange JWT for opaque OAuth tokens. Right? If you’re like me, the waves of acronyms, jargon, and IETF RFCs (see what I did there?) seem to never end. OAuth, JWT, RFC 7523, JTI, … Continue reading »

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Twitter and OAuth from C# and .NET

In some of my previous posts I discussed Twitter and OAuth. The reason I sniffed the protocol enough to describe it here was that I wanted to build an application that posted Tweets.  Actually, I wanted to go one better – I wanted an app that would post … Continue reading »

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Twitter’s use of OAuth, part 3

In the prior post, I described the message flows required for granting a client application write access to a user’s Twitter status. In this post, I’ll cover the additional use case, posting a status message. Use Case 2: Approved Client posts a status The output of a successful … Continue reading »

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Twitter’s use of OAuth, part 2

Last time, I covered the basics around Twitter’s use of OAuth.  Now I will look at the protocol, or message flows. Remember, the basic need is to allow a user (resource owner) employing an application (what OAuth calls the client) to post a status message to Twitter (what OAuth … Continue reading »

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Twitter’s use of OAuth, part 1

Sending messages to Twitter from any application is straightforward, if you follow the protocol.  The problem is, Twitter does not explicitly define the protocol in any one place. If you go to the developer center on Twitter’s site, there is a section that deals with how Twitter uses OAuth … Continue reading »

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