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Web vs Native apps, part 12763

From Hacker News recently, Another posting, this one by Peter-Paul Koch, about the web-vs-native debate, dramatically entitled “Let’s concede defeat”!! This is the latest installment in a long line of commentary on the topic. In short, the topic is: is it better to build and offer a native, … Continue reading »

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Welcome to 1998, Apple! JavaScript will soon be usable for automating OSX apps

via Reddit, I learned that Apple is introducing JavaScript as a way to automate inter-app communication in OSX. JavaScript continues it’s growth. Just a couple notes: Windows had this in 1998 with WSH which was first available in Windows 98. Just sayin. Microsoft has also recently published a … Continue reading »

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Redmonk’s Analysis of Microsoft Surface is Naive

Stephen O’Grady of Redmonk, an analysis firm, looked at Microsoft Suface and concluded that the business model around software is in long-term decline. …another indication that software on a stand alone basis is a problematic revenue foundation. Mr O’Grady’s analysis is naive. His analysis casts software as a … Continue reading »

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