emacs dired fixups

For the geeks and dinosaurs among us**, A quick post on dired fixups I use for emacs. I like to sort by name, size, date, and extension. Dired sorts by name and time I think, by default. For other options you need to manually enter the ls sorting options. This elisp teaches dired to sort by size and extension as well.


In action:

Thanks to isagalaev and jamesward for highlight.js and github-files.js respectively.

**Someone today told me that emacs is a throwback and I am a dinosaur for continuing to use it. He said he used emacs in the past, but now he uses “more modern” tools. I’m a little suspicious because his first excuse for not using emacs was, “I run Windows”.

APIs within the Enterprise – a Webinar

Recently I did a web chat with colleague Greg Brail discussing the use of APIs in the Enterprise.

Quick summary: SOA has been used with success within enterprises to interconnect systems. APIs address a different set of problems, and there is real value to be gained by using APIs to interconnect systems within the enterprise, as well as to provide external or partner access into enterprise systems.