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HBR Blogger says Projects built on Short, Iterative cycles might just work

Harvard Business Review publishes an aggregated blog.  I like the content there, because there are varied perspectives from different writers, and the posts span a number of different topic areas. Recommended. Better than Waterfall? Recently, Jeff GotHelf posted an item comparing the old-school waterfall software development project management approach … Continue reading »

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What drives the demand for continuous change?

Lately, it seems, no system is ever “finished”.  You are only running “this week’s build”.  And this is how we want it!  What drives the demand for continuous evolution of information systems? In my opinion, it’s the possibilities. The possibility for interconnections among disparate systems, stakeholders, and devices. The model … Continue reading »

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Sideways Scrum

In a previous post, I talked about the change in software development approaches over the past 15 years. It has been slow, but in aggregate, the effect is striking. People are doing iterative development now, and succeeding with it. But despite the growing body of evidence in support … Continue reading »

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The Quiet Revolution in Software Development

There’s a natural human resistance to change. Everyone has it, everyone is subject to it. Some of us are more aware than others of our own tendencies to resist change unconsciously.  But by and large, all of us like to minimnize surprises, like to feel that we are in … Continue reading »

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