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Yes, it’s trite, but we really are at an Inflection Point

It may sound like a platitude, but…the industry is now in the midst of an inflection point. Behind us is the technology of client-server, with web goo glommed-on: UI rendered to fixed computers, implemented using HTML(5) and Javascript. Application logic built in Servlet/JSP, PHP, or ASPNET. Relational databases … Continue reading »

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One billion smart phones, and counting

From C|Net, Strategy Analytics reports that there are now more than 1 billion smartphones in use on the planet. The story has been picked up by other places, too. One billion is a big number, there’s no question about that. But what people are glossing over is that … Continue reading »

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WaPo article on last week’s Cloud failures

When the Washington Post publishes an article on the failure of cloud computing infrastructure, it’s not going to be good. Enterprise CIOs all over the world are re-thinking their plans to commit to hosted services. See also, How to Discourage Adoption of Public Cloud by Enterprises

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Impressive factoids on Facebook and Hadoop

It’s common knowledge that Facebook runs Hadoop. The largest Hadoop cluster on the planet. Here are some stats, courtesy of HighScalability, which scraped them from twitter during the Velocity conference: 6 billion mobile messages every 30 minutes 3.8 trillion cache operations in 30 minutes 160m newsfeeds, 5bln realtime … Continue reading »

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Do you think “Cloud Computing” is vaguely defined? Dell disagrees.

I was reading through some of the Microsoft chatter surrounding TechEd, the company’s massive annual technical conference. One of the blog posts got my attention with this headline: Microsoft Leads the Way to the Era of the Cloud OS! I wasn’t clear on just what that meant, so … Continue reading »


Mark Russinovich #TechEd on Windows Azure VM hosting and Virtual Networking

A video of his one-hour presentation with slides + demo. Originally Windows Azure was a Platform-as-a-Service offering; a cloud-hosted platform. This was a new platform, something like Windows Server, but not Windows Server. There was a new application model, a new set of constraints. With the recent announcement, … Continue reading »

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Is Microsoft a Cloud-first Company?

Microsoft is a Cloud-first company, asserts Jonathan Hassell. Not sure that’s completely accurate, or helpful.  He’s right that Microsoft is accentuating the cloud offerings, these days, and is really pushing to exploit what is a once-every-two decades kind of disruptive development in the industry. On the other hand … Continue reading »

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Does Metcalfe’s Law apply to Cloud Platforms and Big Data?

Cloud Platforms and Big Data – Have we reached a tipping point?  To think about this, I want to take a look back in history. Metcalfe’s Law was named for Robert Metcalfe, one of the true internet pioneers, by George Gilder,  in an article that appeared in a … Continue reading »

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Windows Azure goes SSD

In a previous post I described DynamoDB, the SSD-backed storage service from Amazon, as a sort of half-step toward better scalability. With the launch of new Azure services from Microsoft, it appears that Microsoft will offer SSD, too.  Based on the language used in that report — The … Continue reading »

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Is Amazon DynamoDB the look of the future?

Amazon is now offering a key/value data store that relies on Solid state disc for storage. DynamoDB is the name, and it is intended to complement S3 as a lower-latency store. It’s higher cost, but offers better performance for those customers that need it. Two things on this. … Continue reading »

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