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Properly styling embedded Github Gists

I use github gists, and sometimes I want to embed a gist into a blog post. Using the script block github provides gives me poor results. There are several problems: The main problem is the line numbers on the left-hand side don’t line up with the lines of … Continue reading »

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Mac OS Dock disappears… what to do?

Periodically, the dock at the bottom of my MacOS screen just… vanishes. Unclear what causes this. All the windows still work, but without the dock navigating between windows is a hassle. Previously I had resorted to a reboot to correct this. Just found this tip. In short: In … Continue reading »

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NodeJS – radical advance uses JavaScript on the Server!

I have heard a couple people in the past several weeks comment on how novel or noteworthy NodeJS is, for allowing devs to employ their beloved JavaScript language on the server!! Can you believe that? How awesome is it that we can write JavaScript on the server?! Uh, … Continue reading »

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You are not an idiot if you use NodeJS

Just saw this. A Youtube rant by Brandon Wirtz clarifying for us all how stupid NodeJS is. From January 2012. Most excellent. Well played. Even the title is deliciously Colbert-esque: “Node.JS Is Stupid And If You Use It So Are You”. Highly Recommended if you like nerd rants, … Continue reading »

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Pet peeve – NodeJS people, What’s with “err”?

This is a pet peeve of mine. I think the code is the documentation, and names of variables, functions, and classes used in the code are important. These names communicate the purpose of the things being named. It makes sense that Node’s package manager is called “npm” because … Continue reading »

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