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Welcome to 1998, Apple! JavaScript will soon be usable for automating OSX apps

via Reddit, I learned that Apple is introducing JavaScript as a way to automate inter-app communication in OSX. JavaScript continues it’s growth. Just a couple notes: Windows had this in 1998 with WSH which was first available in Windows 98. Just sayin. Microsoft has also recently published a … Continue reading »

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Redmonk’s Analysis of Microsoft Surface is Naive

Stephen O’Grady of Redmonk, an analysis firm, looked at Microsoft Suface and concluded that the business model around software is in long-term decline. …another indication that software on a stand alone basis is a problematic revenue foundation. Mr O’Grady’s analysis is naive. His analysis casts software as a … Continue reading »

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Enderle on Microsoft’s New Tack

Rob Enderle demonstrates his fondness for dramatic headlines with his piece, The Death and Rebirth of Microsoft.  A more conservative editor might headline the same piece, “Microsoft Steadily Shifts its Strategy.” Last week, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) effectively ended the model that created it. This shouldn’t have been a surprise, … Continue reading »

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Mark Russinovich #TechEd on Windows Azure VM hosting and Virtual Networking

A video of his one-hour presentation with slides + demo. Originally Windows Azure was a Platform-as-a-Service offering; a cloud-hosted platform. This was a new platform, something like Windows Server, but not Windows Server. There was a new application model, a new set of constraints. With the recent announcement, … Continue reading »

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Is Microsoft a Cloud-first Company?

Microsoft is a Cloud-first company, asserts Jonathan Hassell. Not sure that’s completely accurate, or helpful.  He’s right that Microsoft is accentuating the cloud offerings, these days, and is really pushing to exploit what is a once-every-two decades kind of disruptive development in the industry. On the other hand … Continue reading »

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What does it mean? Microsoft upping efforts on Infrastructure-as-a-service

Wired is reporting a rumor that Microsoft will soon launch a new Infrastructure-as-a-service offering to compete with Amazon EC2, in June. What Does it Mean? I have no idea whether the “rumor” is true, or even what it really means. I speculate that the bottom line is that we’ll be … Continue reading »

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