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Evernote’s argument for delivering a REST-less API leaves me unimpressed.

The Evernote API is notable because it is not based on REST. The defense of that decision leaves me unimpressed. When the world is going to REST, fully open and usable APIs, why would Evernote go the other way? They ought to have a good reason. Evernote’s VP … Continue reading »

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Node.js is the new coolest language, yo

Remember a while back when I wrote that Node.js is popular and getting moreso? Well, today I came across a blog that explains why. In the very clearest terms. Bookmark this: How Node.js is Going to Replace JavaScript


API-First Development explains why they went to an API-first development model. This is going to be a continuing trend. More and more places are already doing this, even if they’re not blogging or talking about it. With the continued growth of mobile devices, to become co-equal with a website, … Continue reading »