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Hmmm, SOA is a bad word? So let’s call it APIs !

David Linthicum, in his InfoWorld article, observes that SOA is a “bad word”, noting that SOA Companies are now rebranding themselves as API Management companies. Some editor at InfoWorld apparently chose the article title to be “Service governance morphs into cloud API management”. But I don’t think that’s … Continue reading »

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Are DDoS attacks a novel threat to API servers? Nope.

Mark O’Neill, CTO at Vordel, published a post on programmableweb regarding DDoS attacks and the implications for APIs. For those who learned programming before Friends became a hot TV show, the term of art “application programming interface” referred to the function names and signatures that you’d link your … Continue reading »

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NoSQL is apparently NOT going to deliver World Peace

Peter Wayner at InfoWorld has articulated “Seven Hard Truths” about NoSQL technologies. Among them: It’s nice to have JOINs; NoSQL has none. It’s nice to have transactions After 30 years of development, it seems that SQL Databases have some solid features, like the query analyzer. NoSQL is like … Continue reading »


PHP Makes People Sad

Just read an enjoyable rant entitled PHP: a fractal of bad design by a nerd who calls himself Eevee. A good effort! I also found a link to PHP Sadness there, and a bunch of other links to sites that complain about PHP. This kind of criticism is correct, … Continue reading »

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Do you think “Cloud Computing” is vaguely defined? Dell disagrees.

I was reading through some of the Microsoft chatter surrounding TechEd, the company’s massive annual technical conference. One of the blog posts got my attention with this headline: Microsoft Leads the Way to the Era of the Cloud OS! I wasn’t clear on just what that meant, so … Continue reading »


Is Microsoft a Cloud-first Company?

Microsoft is a Cloud-first company, asserts Jonathan Hassell. Not sure that’s completely accurate, or helpful.  He’s right that Microsoft is accentuating the cloud offerings, these days, and is really pushing to exploit what is a once-every-two decades kind of disruptive development in the industry. On the other hand … Continue reading »

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Apigee’s Best Practices for REST API design

I just read Apigee’s paper on pragmatic RESTful API design. Very sensible, practical guidance. Good stuff for organizations confronting the REST phenomenon.  There are obviously many REST-based interfaces out there. Facebook, Google, Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn are just a few of the more visible services, coincidentally all social networks, … Continue reading »

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