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AWS “High I/O” EC2 instances

A while back I commented on Amazon’s DynamoDB and disagreed with the viewpoint from HighScalability.com that using SSD for storage was a “radical step.” In my comments, I predicted that We will see SSD replace mag disk as a mainstream storage technology, sooner than most of us think. … Continue reading »

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Google’s Compute Engine: do you believe it?

Google has become the latest company to offer VM hosting, joining Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS), along with all the other “traditional” hosters. Bloomberg is expressing skepticism that Google will stick with this plan.  Who can blame them? If I were a startup, or another company considering a … Continue reading »

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WaPo article on last week’s Cloud failures

When the Washington Post publishes an article on the failure of cloud computing infrastructure, it’s not going to be good. Enterprise CIOs all over the world are re-thinking their plans to commit to hosted services. See also, How to Discourage Adoption of Public Cloud by Enterprises

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How to Discourage Adoption of Public Cloud by Enterprises


Enderle on Microsoft’s New Tack

Rob Enderle demonstrates his fondness for dramatic headlines with his piece, The Death and Rebirth of Microsoft.  A more conservative editor might headline the same piece, “Microsoft Steadily Shifts its Strategy.” Last week, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) effectively ended the model that created it. This shouldn’t have been a surprise, … Continue reading »

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