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restclient.el – sending API Requests directly from within Emacs

Hey, something new! (to me!) the restclient.el library, for emacs. I tried it. I like it. I recommend it. What does it do? Allows you to send REST requests (really just http requests) right from emacs, interactively. And then pretty-prints the results if possible (if XML or JSON … Continue reading »

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Pre-request script for Postman, to calculate HttpSignature

If you do REST, you probably have a favorite REST client testing tool. Mine is Postman, a Google Chrome app. Postman has a nifty feature called Pre-request scripts, which allows you to write some Javascript code that performs a calculation and then reads and writes the “environment” object … Continue reading »

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Online calculator for SHA and HMAC-SHA

Here’s a thing I built. It’s just a webpage that calculates SHA-(1,224,256,384,512) and HMAC with the same algorithms. I was using this to help with building a system that relies on HttpSignature. Developers need some help in constructing and validating their HMACs and SHAs.

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The spec formerly known as Swagger is now OpenAPI

Swagger has been renamed! Three weeks ago. I didn’t realize this, and (forgive me) I’ve been continuing to use the term “swagger” when I really should have been using “OpenAPI”, in the time since. Helpfully, Marsh, an esteemed colleague of mine, has produced a slackbot to remind me … Continue reading »

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RESTful is hardly harmful.

A provocative essay came up on Hacker News today, entitled RESTful considered harmful. The summary of the essay: JSON is bloated in comparison to protobufs and similar binary protocols There are no interface contracts or data schema HATEOAS doesn’t work No direct support for batching, paging, sorting, etc … Continue reading »

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I don’t see the point in Revoking or Blacklisting JWT

I heard someone asking today for support for Revocation of JWT, and I thought about it a little, and decided I don’t see the point. Specifically, I don’t see the point of the process described in this post regarding “Blacklisting JWT in express-jwt“. I believe that it’s possible … Continue reading »

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Using the Drupal Services module for REST access to entities, part 3

What’s Going on Here? In part 1 and part 2 of this series, I talked about Drupal REST services, and authenticating, and querying data. Be sure to review those before continuing with this post. This article talks about how to create or update data on Drupal using REST … Continue reading »

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Using the Drupal Services module for REST access to entities, part 2

Be sure to start with Part 1 of this series. What’s Going on Here? To recap: I’ve enabled the Services module in Drupal v7, in order to enable REST calls into Drupal, to do things like: list nodes create entities, like nodes, users, taxonomy vocabularies, or taxonomy terms … Continue reading »

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Using the Drupal Services module for REST access to entities, part 1

This is Part 1. See also, Part 2 and Part 3. I’m not an expert on Drupal, but I do have some extensive experience designing and using APIs. (I work for Apigee.) Recently I’ve been working with Drupal v7, and in particular, getting Drupal to expose a REST … Continue reading »

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Pretty psyched about Swagger Editor for APIs

I’m pretty excited about the Swagger editor. But to understand why, you first need to know what Swagger is all about. Let’s take a step back. As of August 2014, total activity on smartphones and tablets accounted for ~60% of digital media time spent in the U.S. This … Continue reading »

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