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Jackson and XmlMapper – reading arbitrary data into a java.util.Map

I like the Jackson library from FasterXML. Really handy for reading JSON, writing JSON. Or I should say “serialization” and “deserialization”, ’cause that’s what the cool kids say. And the license is right. (If you need a basic overview of Jackson, I suggest this one from Eugen at … Continue reading »

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SAML – the standard that wasn’t

SAML – the Security Assertion Markup Language is quite successful. SAML was born in 2002 out of OASIS, the somnolent standards body that enjoyed its heyday in the 2000’s forming so many of the XML-oriented standards like WS-BPEL, UDDI, UBL, and ODF. Today SAML enjoys success satisfying a … Continue reading »

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Pretty printing XML from within emacs

I use emacs. Can’t help it. Been using it for years, and the cost of switching to something “more modern” has never reached the payoff threshold. Today I want to show you how I pretty-print XML from within emacs. The elisp for the pretty-printing logic was originally from … Continue reading »

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