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How to Discourage Adoption of Public Cloud by Enterprises


The Black Hole of Recruiting, part II

I previously wrote about the black hole of submitting job applications electronically. The Wall Street Journal explains how that phenomenon occurs. To cut through the clutter, many large and midsize companies have turned to [automatic] applicant-tracking systems to search résumés for the right skills and experience. The systems, … Continue reading »

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Why do I believe Hadoop is not yet ready for Prime Time?

I am bullish on Hadoop and other NoSQL technologies. Long-term I believe they will be instrumental in providing quantum leaps in efficiency for existing businesses. But even more, I believe that mainstream BigData will open up brand new opportunities that were simply unavailable before. Right now we focus … Continue reading »

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Curt Monash on the Enterprise-Readiness of Hadoop

Curt Monash, writing on The DBMS2 blog, addressed the enterprise readiness of Hadoop recently. tl/dr:  Hadoop is proven indeed, whether in technology, vendor support, or user success. But some particularly conservative enterprises may for a while disagree. But is Mr Monash really of one mind on the topic? especially … Continue reading »

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HBR’s Six ways to be Excellent

Be excellent at anything!  Tony Schwartz of HBR tells us how to do it. My takeaways: Whatever it is, Do it with passion. Practice practice practice, Deliberately and thoughtfully. Ritualize your practice.  (The ritual might be, Every day at 6am, or whatever.) Seek expert feedback, intermittently. Take breaks, Rest.


Enderle on Microsoft’s New Tack

Rob Enderle demonstrates his fondness for dramatic headlines with his piece, The Death and Rebirth of Microsoft.  A more conservative editor might headline the same piece, “Microsoft Steadily Shifts its Strategy.” Last week, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) effectively ended the model that created it. This shouldn’t have been a surprise, … Continue reading »

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Do you think “Cloud Computing” is vaguely defined? Dell disagrees.

I was reading through some of the Microsoft chatter surrounding TechEd, the company’s massive annual technical conference. One of the blog posts got my attention with this headline: Microsoft Leads the Way to the Era of the Cloud OS! I wasn’t clear on just what that meant, so … Continue reading »


Mark Russinovich #TechEd on Windows Azure VM hosting and Virtual Networking

A video of his one-hour presentation with slides + demo. Originally Windows Azure was a Platform-as-a-Service offering; a cloud-hosted platform. This was a new platform, something like Windows Server, but not Windows Server. There was a new application model, a new set of constraints. With the recent announcement, … Continue reading »

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PHP and JSON and Unicode, Oh my!

Today I had a bit of a puzzle.  The gplus widget that I wrote for WordPress was rendering Google+ activity with a ragged left edge. As geeks know, html by default collapses whitespace, so in order for the ragged edge to appear there,  a “hard whitespace” must have … Continue reading »

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Is Microsoft a Cloud-first Company?

Microsoft is a Cloud-first company, asserts Jonathan Hassell. Not sure that’s completely accurate, or helpful.  He’s right that Microsoft is accentuating the cloud offerings, these days, and is really pushing to exploit what is a once-every-two decades kind of disruptive development in the industry. On the other hand … Continue reading »

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