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RESTful is hardly harmful.

A provocative essay came up on Hacker News today, entitled RESTful considered harmful. The summary of the essay: JSON is bloated in comparison to protobufs and similar binary protocols There are no interface contracts or data schema HATEOAS doesn’t work No direct support for batching, paging, sorting, etc … Continue reading »

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Chrysler is Internet-enabling your car as a way to accelerate death

From the holy-shit-how-did-they-not-test-this department, Fox News tells us that it is possible for hackers to seize control of a moving Chrysler automobile, fiddle with the radio, turning on the windshield wipers, or more ominously, controlling the transmission and the brakes. Considering the source (Fox Newsertainment), I am unsure … Continue reading »

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Sane names for screenshots on Mac OSX

Back when I was a Windows user and a .NET developer, I used a tool called Cropper to grab screen shots. That tool is great alone, and there are plugins for various photo destinations. I wrote and maintained a few plugins. The basic capability to grab a portion … Continue reading »

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Naïve Data analysis leads to incorrect conclusions – WWII Bomber Plane edition

Here’s a good story showing us how focusing on the data we have in front of us may lead us to incorrect conclusions. The summary is this: In World War II, Allied bomber command undertook an analysis effort to determine how to optimally reinforce bomber planes to protect … Continue reading »

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Upgrade your nodejs on Mac OS X to v0.12.6

Per, there are critical vulnerabilities in nodejs and iojs. People running nodejs should upgrade to v0.12.6. On Mac OSX, this takes just a few moments. Thanks to Stackoverflow for the tip. ~/ $ node -v v0.10.22 ~/ $ sudo npm cache clean -f Password: npm WARN using … Continue reading »

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