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Sauce Labs explains its move from NoSQL CouchDB to old-skool MySQL

Sauce Labs has rendered a valuable service to the community by documenting the factors that went into a decision to change infrastructure – to replace CouchDB with MySQL. Originally the company had committed  to CouchDB, which is a novel NoSQL store originating from a team out of MIT. … Continue reading »

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Impressive factoids on Facebook and Hadoop

It’s common knowledge that Facebook runs Hadoop. The largest Hadoop cluster on the planet. Here are some stats, courtesy of HighScalability, which scraped them from twitter during the Velocity conference: 6 billion mobile messages every 30 minutes 3.8 trillion cache operations in 30 minutes 160m newsfeeds, 5bln realtime … Continue reading »

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Why do I believe Hadoop is not yet ready for Prime Time?

I am bullish on Hadoop and other NoSQL technologies. Long-term I believe they will be instrumental in providing quantum leaps in efficiency for existing businesses. But even more, I believe that mainstream BigData will open up brand new opportunities that were simply unavailable before. Right now we focus … Continue reading »

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Curt Monash on the Enterprise-Readiness of Hadoop

Curt Monash, writing on The DBMS2 blog, addressed the enterprise readiness of Hadoop recently. tl/dr:  Hadoop is proven indeed, whether in technology, vendor support, or user success. But some particularly conservative enterprises may for a while disagree. But is Mr Monash really of one mind on the topic? especially … Continue reading »

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Does Metcalfe’s Law apply to Cloud Platforms and Big Data?

Cloud Platforms and Big Data – Have we reached a tipping point?  To think about this, I want to take a look back in history. Metcalfe’s Law was named for Robert Metcalfe, one of the true internet pioneers, by George Gilder,  in an article that appeared in a … Continue reading »

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Hadoop Adoption

Interesting. Michael Stonebraker, who has previously expressed skepticism regarding the industry excitement around Hadoop, has done it again. Even at lower scale, it is extremely eco-unfriendly to waste power using an inefficient system like Hadoop. Inefficient, he says!   Pretty strong words.  Stonebraker credits Hadoop for democratizing large-scale parallel … Continue reading »

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Big Data: Real benefits or Hype?

I’m a technologist. I believe technology, well utilized, can advance business goals. A business can derive a signficant advantage from making the right technology moves, exploiting information in just the right way. But I am a bit skeptical of the excitement in the industry around Big Data, MapReduce, … Continue reading »

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