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letsencrypt and NearlyFreeSpeech

I’ve been running this site on nearlyfreespeech for some time now. Last week I created a cert using the tools and service made available by letsencrypt.org, and then configured my NFS server to use it. It was pretty easy, but not documented. I’ll share here what I did … Continue reading »

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Use PHP code to make WordPress redirect to secure site

Lots of people use the .htaccess redirect rules to force their wordpress sites to load with the secure option. It looks like this: But if you have a hoster that does not provide you the ability to modify the .htaccess file, that won’t work. These hosters typically set … Continue reading »

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Moving to nearlyfreespeech.net – bare domain and www

I moved to nearlyfreespeech.net this week, from 000webhost.com. It is much faster, and now I won’t get popup ads. While moving the site, I took the opportunity to upgrade to the current WordPress. I think I was on WP3.3 previously; now it’s on the current release. And now … Continue reading »


Properly styling embedded Github Gists

I use github gists, and sometimes I want to embed a gist into a blog post. Using the script block github provides gives me poor results. There are several problems: The main problem is the line numbers on the left-hand side don’t line up with the lines of … Continue reading »

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PHP and JSON and Unicode, Oh my!

Today I had a bit of a puzzle.  The gplus widget that I wrote for WordPress was rendering Google+ activity with a ragged left edge. As geeks know, html by default collapses whitespace, so in order for the ragged edge to appear there,  a “hard whitespace” must have … Continue reading »

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A Google+ Widget for WordPress

I looked for, but did not find, a reliable, easy to use, solid Google+ widget for WordPress. All I want to do is display on my WP blog a little sidebar listing of the 4 or 5 most recent activities from my G+ account.  Is that so hard? … Continue reading »

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