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nodejs on Google App Engine – forcing HTTPS inbound, via HSTS

How can I force my nodejs app running on Google App Engine, to always redirect to HTTPS ? I have a pretty vanilla app that looks like this: This thing is running in Google App Engine (GAE), and I’d like to make sure it listens only on HTTPS. … Continue reading »

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medialize/URI.js – why’d you go and get all fancy?

I have relied on URI.js from medialize for years. I downloaded it a long time ago, and it just works. It’s handy for parsing and building URIs form within Javascript. I happen to use nodejs often, but I also use a JavaScript engine that runs in the JVM … Continue reading »

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Upgrade your nodejs on Mac OS X to v0.12.6

Per medium.com, there are critical vulnerabilities in nodejs and iojs. People running nodejs should upgrade to v0.12.6. On Mac OSX, this takes just a few moments. Thanks to Stackoverflow for the tip. ~/ $ node -v v0.10.22 ~/ $ sudo npm cache clean -f Password: npm WARN using … Continue reading »

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NodeJS vs Ruby on Rails popularity

Everybody’s favorite indicator, the Google search trend chart, shows that Nodejs is overtaking Ruby on Rails: From a recent webinar on Apigee.com:


I don’t really hate NodeJS

I don’t really hate NodeJS. Yes, a while ago, I said I hate NodeJS. But I didn’t really mean it. I was just suffering from unrealistic expectations. I learned to Let Go of my idea that JavaScript on MacOSX ought to be as easy as JS on Windows. … Continue reading »

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of nodejs and new clothes

A provocative post by Eric Jiang, entitles “The emperor’s new clothes were built with Node.js”, regarding the undeserved praise being heaped upon NodeJS. While I think he gets his analysis all right, he is still missing the forest for the trees. Nodejs has grown the way it has … Continue reading »

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Node.js is the new coolest language, yo

Remember a while back when I wrote that Node.js is popular and getting moreso? Well, today I came across a blog that explains why. In the very clearest terms. Bookmark this: How Node.js is Going to Replace JavaScript


NodeJS documentation is idiotic

A while back I commented on a rant by someone who said that NodeJS is stupid and if you use it, so are you. I didn’t agree. But, NodeJS documentation is stupid. Look, for example, at the doc for the http.request() object and it’s syntactic sugar cousin, http.get(). … Continue reading »


Node.js is popular and getting moreso

Nice Infographic from StrongLoop.


NodeJS – radical advance uses JavaScript on the Server!

I have heard a couple people in the past several weeks comment on how novel or noteworthy NodeJS is, for allowing devs to employ their beloved JavaScript language on the server!! Can you believe that? How awesome is it that we can write JavaScript on the server?! Uh, … Continue reading »

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