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SAML – the standard that wasn’t

SAML – the Security Assertion Markup Language is quite successful. SAML was born in 2002 out of OASIS, the somnolent standards body that enjoyed its heyday in the 2000’s forming so many of the XML-oriented standards like WS-BPEL, UDDI, UBL, and ODF. Today SAML enjoys success satisfying a … Continue reading »

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FiveThirtyEight just pre-negotiated Lionel Messi’s next contract

FiveThirtyEight shows the data that explains why Lionel Messi is worth more than any other player. Love me that breakdown.


40% of your Team’s Effort….. Wasted? always has interesting material, presented in an attractive, accessible manner. Highly recommended. I’m currently looooovvvvving this post entitled “40% Of Your Team’s Effort Is Wasted.” One point that particularly struck me: Being great is full of unexpected hurdles. So, what you have to have on a team … Continue reading »

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