40% of your Team’s Effort….. Wasted?

Bakadesuyo.com always has interesting material, presented in an attractive, accessible manner. Highly recommended.

I’m currently looooovvvvving this post entitled “40% Of Your Team’s Effort Is Wasted.”

One point that particularly struck me:

Being great is full of unexpected hurdles. So, what you have to have on a team is people who are willing to say “We’re screwing up.” “You’re doing that wrong.” “We need to change.” “We have to do something different — and here’s my idea.”

Anyone out there ever catch a ton of flack for being that guy?

I love having that guy on the team. (or that girl). I love people on the team who, at one point or another, refuse to roll over, refuse to just accept everything as it currently is, and challenge the current plan, even if everyone else would like the current plan to just remain stable for a little bit so they can breathe easy. We’re not at work to breathe easy. We’re at work to solve hard problems, over-constrained problems via creative approaches that deliver imperfect, but close-enough results. We’re here to challenge ourselves! And that’s the fun part, dammnit!


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