Sane names for screenshots on Mac OSX

Back when I was a Windows user and a .NET developer, I used a tool called Cropper to grab screen shots. That tool is great alone, and there are plugins for various photo destinations. I wrote and maintained a few plugins.

The basic capability to grab a portion of the screen into an image file is built-in to OSX, which is nice. I learned about it here.

I use the Command + Option + 4 sequence daily to grab interesting bits of the screen, for bug reports, demonstrations, illustrations, sharing information with friends, posting to Twitter, and so on.

But I miss the flexibility of Cropper. In particular, WTF is with the filenames, OSX?

OS X saves each screenshot with the name Screen shot [date] at [time]. As an example, a screenshot taken on July 9th, at 7:21 AM will be saved as Screen shot 2015–07–09 at 7:21 AM.png

Ugly! Lots of people ask how to change the filenames, and the standard answer isn’t quite satisfactory for most people. I use the terminal often, in addition to dired mode in emacs; because I fiddle around with files and directories outside of Finder, I’d like filenames that:

  • allow lexicographic sort order to also deliver a time-based sort
  • do not include spaces in the name

Not so much to ask, eh?

But the basic options to configure the names of the files are really poor. Basically I can move around the date and time portions of the file name, but I cannot change their formats to something more like ISO-8601, which is sortable. I don’t need strict ISO-8601, I just want something sortable.

The way I did it: I created a script that runs periodically, via launchd, checks for screenshot files with the ugly names in the Desktop folder, and then renames them appropriately.

You need 2 files to make this happen. One is the plist for the LaunchAgent. Create a file in /Users/YOURSELF/Library/LaunchAgents, I called mine local.screenshot.fixup.plist. The contents should look like this:

The second is the bash script that renames the files. Put this file anywhere (but you must reference that location as the Program string in the plist file above), and chmod it to be executable. The contents are like this:

After creating these files, you can either:

  • logout and log back in…
  • OR, run this command from the terminal:
    launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/local.screenshot.fixup.plist

… in order to get the new launchd to start renaming files.

When the screenshot is initially saved, it will have the original ugly name. But in one or two seconds, the watcher will run, find your screenshot file, and rename it.


More info: