Do you think “Cloud Computing” is vaguely defined? Dell disagrees.

I was reading through some of the Microsoft chatter surrounding TechEd, the company’s massive annual technical conference.

One of the blog posts got my attention with this headline:

I wasn’t clear on just what that meant, so I clicked through, of course.

The biggest news there is about System Center, which is an IT Pro management tool. Apparently the latest offering has some new features that help sysadmins manage “private clouds”, which I suppose refers to on-premises pools of computers that are allocated out in some flexible manner. Sounds like useful stuff. The proof is in the pudding of course.

But the thing that caught my eye was one of the partner news items. A “cloud offering” from Dell.

A Dell rack filled with storage and compute
Dell's Impression of a Cloud

OK, now I know what Dell thinks a cloud looks like. 🙂

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