Online calculator for SHA and HMAC-SHA

Here’s a thing I built. It’s just a webpage that calculates SHA-(1,224,256,384,512) and HMAC with the same algorithms.

I was using this to help with building a system that relies on HttpSignature. Developers need some help in constructing and validating their HMACs and SHAs.

2 thoughts on “Online calculator for SHA and HMAC-SHA

  1. Pradeep Kumar Salla Reply

    Hi Dino,

    Can you please share or publish the java code that you may be using for generating the “Base64-encoded result” on this site:


  2. dpc Reply

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. The code that is performing the base64-encoded result, is all in JavaScript and is all visible on that page. It’s not minimized and it’s not part of some huge package or framework module. Just “view source” and you’ll see it. The page itself is static, it does not post-back to a server-side asset.

    So: like Dorothy in the land of Oz, you have everything you seek, already!

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