Job Postings are so 1990s

So says regarding online job postings and online job applications.
I agree. Especially with this part:

Candidates often feel that there is a “black hole” in the application process.

I’ve electronically submitted applications to several larger companies; the experience has been pretty uniformly non-transparent.  Unsatisfying to say the least.  I understand why: it’s expensive wading through the stacks of online resume submissions. But if it’s so expensive, why solicit online applications at all?

As for e-hiring, jobs are not a commodity, and it’s inappropriate to advertise them in a catalog as if they were a book or a replacement part for my lawnmower.

I’m no longer comfortable  joining “a company”. I need to meet and evaluate the hiring manager, I want to know the team strategy, and how it synchronizes with the corporate strategy. I want a 360° view of the team, and I need to be confident that the team leaders understand the strategy and how they contribute to success. If key players on the team are not comfortable with strategic thinking or are reluctant to discuss the strategy options, it’s a red flag to me. All that is hard to do online. You can start online, but you need to progress quickly to richer conversations.

The internet is fascinating and wonderful but, in case you needed it, this is yet another illustration that it cannot replace all human interaction.

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