Curt Monash on the Enterprise-Readiness of Hadoop

Curt Monash, writing on The DBMS2 blog, addressed the enterprise readiness of Hadoop recently.


 Hadoop is proven indeed, whether in technology, vendor support, or user success. But some particularly conservative enterprises may for a while disagree.

But is Mr Monash really of one mind on the topic? especially considering that he began the piece with this:

Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR all claim, in effect, “Our version of Hadoop is enterprise-ready, unlike those other guys’.” I’m dubious.

So the answer to “is it enterprise ready?” seems to be, clearly, “Well, yes and no.”

With my understanding of the state of the tools and technology, and the disposition of enterprises, unlike Mr Monash I believe most enterprises don’t have the capacity or tolerance to adopt Hadoop currently. It seems to me that immaturity still represents an obstacle to new Hadoop deployments.

The Hadoop vendor companies and the Hadoop community at large are addressing that. They’re building out features and Hadoop 2.0 will bring a jump in reliability, but there is still significant work ahead  before the technology becomes acceptable to the mainstream.


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